Nuvola Expressive size S 80x60 cm [chocolate] Nuvola Expressive size S 80x60 cm [chocolate]
Vendor: Hectolove
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Orthopedic Dog Mattress - Nuvola Vivo (1) Orthopedic Dog Mattress - Nuvola Vivo (1)
Vendor: Hectolove
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Durable dog bed - why it is so important

The Hectolove brand has always focused on the comfort and convenience of pets. Sleep, along with eating and walking, is one of the most common activities our dog performs in his life. An appropriately chosen comfortable dog bed will allow your pet to achieve a caloric and healthy sleep, which will affect the comfort of his life in the future. So what should guide you when choosing a bed? The key element is size. We adjust the width and length of the dog bed to our pet's measurements, counting from the head to the base of the tail. Thus, we debunk the myth that we choose a dog bed according to its weight. The dog should be able to lie down in the "dead dog" position on the bed, so it is important that the entire spine fits into the bed in a straight position, not a curled pretzel.

What to consider when choosing a dog bed?

A dog bed is one of the most important pieces of furniture for our pet - besides the bowl, of course, if we can consider it furniture :) Very often when choosing a dog bed we are guided by design, its appearance, and color. To properly choose a bed for our pet, we should look inside it. Let's take, for example, a bed for a large dog. Such a dog often weighs from 30 to even 50 kg. Choosing a bed with a silicone ball filling, which is compacted, deforms, and over time causes more harm than good, especially for a large breed, we do more harm than good to the dog. Large breeds should use dog beds filled with a mattress, preferably an orthopedic mattress. At Hectolove, we specialize in beds dedicated to medium and large breeds. This is a weight equivalent to a 3-9-year-old child, who we would never lay on a huge pillow, so let's guide ourselves with the same characteristics when choosing a bed for a large dog.

What bed suits my dog?

When choosing a bed for a small breed dog, such as a York or Maltese, try to choose fluffy beds, with fur, filled with a silicone ball. Small dog breeds love to snuggle into their beds, so a silicone ball as a filling is an ideal solution. For medium and large breeds, like Labrador Retriever or Boxer, we should avoid dog beds with fillings that deform over time. A good solution in this case is an orthopedic mattress, also called Memory Foam. An orthopedic bed allows our dog to regenerate joints, facilitates getting up from the bed in the morning, effectively supports rehabilitation in breeds prone to dysplasia and spine problems, and also greatly supports proper blood circulation. When choosing a bed for a large dog, let's first guide ourselves by the interior, what it is filled with, and secondly by what it looks like.

Indestructible dog bed - does it exist?

Is there such a thing as an indestructible dog bed? We often hear about beds that explode in the owner's absence. The durability of a dog bed depends on the fabric from which it is made. Light materials give in and are easier prey for our pets. A dog bed made of upholstery fabrics is more durable in this respect. The issue of any protruding elements that the bed has is not insignificant. All eagerly dangling tags, protruding strings, zippers, are a potential target for our pet to get to and tear the rest of the bed. So if a dog can cope with chewing a deer antler, there is no such thing as an indestructible dog bed, but you can eliminate elements that will tempt, annoy, and without which the dog bed will last much longer.

Which model as an indestructible dog bed

Well, let's take a look at which dog bed model to choose in terms of durability. At Hectolove, all our orthopedic beds are made from durable upholstery fabrics, and two collections of these fabrics have been additionally tested for scratches and snags caused by dog claws. This makes beds made of Vivo and Expressive fabric incredibly strong and durable. We have made a truly indestructible Nuvola, Cuddle, and Skandy bed from these fabrics. These are our flagship models, which we started our adventure with the brand. These are models that, apart from an incredibly durable and almost indestructible fabric, have a design that minimizes the number of protruding elements that tempt our pet to chew while resting on the bed. There is one more aspect to mention here. A durable, even indestructible dog bed is also a saving for our wallet. A bed that rarely breaks and doesn't often need to be replaced due to sudden "explosions;)", although it is a bit more expensive at the initial purchase phase, will definitely serve our pet longer. Probably each of us has such jeans in the closet, which were bought many years ago and still serve faithfully. An indestructible dog bed made of fabrics such as Vivo or Expressive is just like that!

Durable dog beds available at Hectolove

In the Hectolove offer, you will find orthopedic dog beds with a simple mattress shape, those with pillows on each side, and those in the Scandinavian style:

  • The Nuvola model in the Classic version is our bestseller in terms of orthopedic mattresses. 13 cm in height is unmatched in the market. Dogs just love it - confirmed by the absence of any returns.
  • The Cuddle model is a version with sides. We offer as many as 5 color collections, including Classic, Autumn, Expressive, Vivo, and Ross made from recycled fabrics.
  • The Smart model is the perfect combination - a comfortable and durable dog bed with an orthopedic mattress, a comfortable pillow attached with Velcro and an attractive price. Available in a collection made from recycled fabrics.
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